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Reference Library
Project Scheduling

This page provides access to a variety of downloadable papers that address project scheduling issues.

Applying Process Simulation to Software Project Scheduling [PDF]
Frank Padberg

In this paper, the author shows how process simulation can be utilized in order to support software managers in finding good schedules for their projects. The author presents a novel, discrete simulation model for software projects which explicitly takes a scheduling policy as input. The model represents task assignments, staff skill levels, component coupling, and rework caused by design changes. The simulation model is implemented in the ModL language of the general-purpose graphical simulation tool EXTEND.

A Self - Adapting Genetic Algorithm for Project Scheduling under Resource Constraints [PDF]
Sönke Hartmann

This paper proposes an algorithm to solve the resource-constrained project scheduling problem (RCPSP). This algorithm considers two different decoding procedures and a gene in the representation determines which to one to use. This makes the algorithm able to adapt to the problem instance.

Developing Project Duration Models in Software Engineering [PDF]
Serge Oligny, Pierre Bourque, Alain Abran and Bertrand Fournier

This paper uses published indicators of IT development projects performance, including recent projects, as the basis for an analysis of the relationship between two key aspects: project's effort and duration. The analysis results in mathematical models of that relationship which may be used as a guide for project duration planning and forecasting. The models are based on the analysis of empirical data contained in the 1997 release of the International Software Benchmarking Standards Group (ISBSG) repository.

Keane Pyramid for Project Management [PDF]
Keane, Inc.

This paper discusses Keane's project management philosophy and approach. Essential components, six principles of productivity management, a Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), and the Project Risk Assessment Method (PRAM) are all discussed.

The Busy Person's Project Management Book [PDF]
Rob Thomsett and Camille Thomsett

The purpose of the guide is to present some common-sense techniques that have been shown to help project teams to plan and deliver successful project outcomes. These techniques should be applied in a participative manner with all team members and key people involved in the process.

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