The black swan is common in NZ. The lake in the background is one of thousands that dot the countryside.
Here's a pic of the helicopter that took us through the mountains back from Milford Sound. In the background, you can just see the first of dozens of mountain passes that we flew through (Glaciers sit at the top of many mountains plateaus). Those of you who read our e-mail may recall that it was the ride of our lives! White knuckle stuff, but really fun. (All my photos of the ride are analog, sorry!) The movie "Vertical Limit" was shot a few miles from where this picture was taken.
We traveled to Queenstown NZ and then to Milford Sound. Don't want to sound like a broken record (CD??), but the mountains, lakes and rivers and the fiords near the Tasman Sea are all ... amazingly beautiful. Some pictures follow.
Gave my first talk in Wellington, NZ. Just a business city on the ocean, but really nice. A major section of the city has the look and feel of Greenwich Village without the dirt and derelicts.
From Wellington, we flew to Sydney, Australia. We've been lucky to have been to a lot of really nice cities around the world. Both Barb and I agree that Sydney is the most beautiful we've ever seen. The following is the skyline view from our hotel window at night (sorry for the blur).
Most of my photos of the famous opera house are deing developed. Suffice to say that it is stunning ... sitting on a point overlooking Sydney harbor, it looks like a giant sailing ship.The Opera house (below from our hotel room at night) is set near the Sydney harbor bridge (shown in the background). People can climb to the top of the arch. We didn't :-)
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