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Adaptable Process Model
Task IV.24 Assess the Potential Impact of Side Effects

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The complete Adaptable Process Model (APM) is provided for informational purposes and for assessment by potential users. The APM is copyrighted material and may not be downloaded, copied, or extracted for use in actual project work. The full hypertext (html) version of the APM may be licensed for use and customization within your organization. Contact R.S. Pressman & Associates, Inc. for complete licensing information.

Task IV.24 Assess the potential impact of side effects

IV.24.1 Identify maintenance-specific risks and side effects.

IV.24.2 Project likelihood that risks and side effects will occur.

IV.24.3 Project impact of risks and side effects on developers / customers and on overall maintenance strategy.

IV.24.4 Write a Risk/Side Effect Mitigation, Monitoring and Management Plan. Review as required.

These tasks are conducted using the approach defined in the risk analysis umbrella activity. For these tasks, application scope is replaced by the maintenance requirements developed as part of Tasks IV.22.

In addition to the generic and technology risks discussed in in the risk analysis umbrella activity, the following product maintenance risks must be considered:

    • risks due to side effects generated by maintenance;

    • risks due to changes in hardware environment;

    • risks due to multiple customers with conflicting needs;

    • risks due to unforeseen implementation difficulties;

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