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Software Engineering Resources

Maintenance and Reengineering
Consider any technology product that has served you well. You use it regularly, but it's getting old. It breaks too often, takes longer to repair than you'd like, and no longer represents the newest technology. What to do? If the product is hardware, you'll likely throw it away and buy a newer model. But if it's custom-built software, that option may not be available. You'll need to rebuilt it. You'll create a product with added functionality, better performance and reliability, and improved maintainability. That's what we call reengineering. The following topic categories are presented:

Software Maintenance

Software Reengineering Resources

Software Maintenance


Software Maintenance Articles and papers
A list of downloadable papers and articles on software maintenance.

Archives of The Journal of Software maintenance
Many interesting papers but requires purchase 1998 - present.

Tutorials, Articles, and Papers

Software maintenance - an overview
A brief overview of the subject.

A fresh model for software maintenance
A discussion of software maintenance pricing and services.

Software Maintenance Costs
Contains an interesting table of maintenance costs with references. Recommended.

A Study in Software Maintenance
Presents the results of "interviews highlighted problems that we believe are typical of many software maintenance organizations"

Improving Software Maintenance Processes
Pointers to four downloadable papers on the subject.

Measurements to Manage Software Maintenance
This article answers basic questions about software maintenance for a single organization and discusses some of the decisions made based on the answers.

The elephant in the software maintenance room

Is Software Maintenance Worth It?

pdf: Software Maintenance
"This article overviews software maintenance, its relevance, the problems, and the available solutions; the underlying objective is to present software maintenance not as a problem, but in terms of solutions."

pdf: Embedded Software Maintenance
"The goal of this report is to describe the state-of-the-art of embedded software maintenance and provide a glimpse of state-of-the-practice embedded maintenance practices."

Software Reengineering


SEI Software Reengineering Resources
The SEI offers a variety of software reengineering resources. Recommended.

Reengineering Resources
A useful collection of resources that addresses books and articles, 'collections,' tools, and organizations.

Reengineering Forum
"An industry association to encourage combined industry/research review of the state of the art and the state of the practice in reengineering of software, systems, and business processes."

Reengineering Links
Selected pointers to articles and tools.

Renaissance Web
A vast array of resources for the reengineering community including original content taken from the ESPRIT RENAISSANCE software reengineering project, as well as a comprehensive list of other software reengineering resources on the Internet.

Tutorials, Articles, and Papers on Software Reengineering

• Concepts

Software Reengineering Process
This report provides a general overview of the software re-engineering process.

Software Reengineering
"This technical report is designed to give the reader an overview of the concepts, approaches and risks of re-engineering. It is intended to serve as a basis for understanding software reengineering technology."

Software Reengineering
A NASA technical report "designed to give the reader an overview of the concepts, approaches and risks of re-engineering."

Reengineering Technology Report
The purpose of this report, developed by the DoD Software Technology Support Center, is to increase contact, awareness, and understanding of software reengineering tools.

• Patterns

Systems Reengineering Patterns
Presents a few interesting reengineering patterns.

Reengineering Patterns - 1
From the site: "We are working on a reengineering handbook to aid engineers faced with legacy object-oriented code in diagnosing problems, identifying weaknesses and finding potential solutions."

Reengineering Patterns - 2
Four interesting reengineering patterns.

Systems Reengineering Patterns
Additional discussion of reengineering patterns at Heriot-Watt University (UK).

• Papers

pdf: Software Reengineering Process
"This report provides a general overview of the software re-engineering process."

pdf: Object-Oriented Software Reengineering
Voluminous slide presentation (a course) on maintenance and reengineering.

Reengineering Bibliography
An extensive, categorized print bibliography.

• Video

Video: Reverse engineering techniques to find security bugs
Alex Sotirov is a vulnerability engineer at determina. He will discuss some latest techniques in reverse engineering software to find vulnerabilities. Particularly, he'll discuss his technique that lead him to find the ANI bug (a critical new bug in WinXP and Vista).

Business Process Reengineering

• Resources

BPR Resources-I
Links to a variety of BPR resources.

BPR Resources-II
Useful list of BPR tools as well as other resources.

The BizTech Network
Extensive information on BPR including papers, tutorials, bibliographies, links, and tools. Highly recommended.

Business Process Reengineering Center
The business process reengineering center presents an array of useful pointers and other BPR information.

BPR On-Line Learning Center
An excellent collection of resources including tutorials, bibliographies, case studies, and many links. Recommended.

• Concepts, Articles and Video

Business process reengineering (BPR)
An excellent overview at Wikipedia.

Business Process Engineering (BPR)
An MBA dissertation.

BPR-Thumbnail discussion
A concise discussion of BPR

Business Process Reengineering -Articles
A collection of BPR articles.

Video: Business Process Modeling
A brief presentation of the Integrated Modelling Method for BPM. (5:47)

Reengineering Tools

Reverse Engineering Tools
A useful list of reverse engineering tools embedded within a reengineering tools taxonomy.

BPR Tools
A list of 20 + BPR tools and techniques.

Software Reengineering Tools
Points to free and commercial reengineering tools.

Reengineering Tools
Selected tools.

It is ironic that software maintenance and support represent the most costly activities in the life of an application, and yet, fewer books have been written about maintenance and support than any other major software engineering topics. Recent additions to the literature cover basic maintenance and support practices and present useful management guidance:

Effective Software Maintenance and Evolution: A Reuse-Based Approach Software Maintenance: Concepts and Practice
Practical Software Maintenance

Client/Server Software Maintenance discusses maintenance techniques that focus on client-server environments
Software Evolution presents an anthology on current research in “software evolution.”

Like many hot topics in the business community, the hype surrounding business process reengineering has given way to a more pragmatic view of the subject. The following books are worth examining:

Reengineering the Corporation
is a best selling book that precipitated early interest within major corporations.
Beyond Reengineering
refined Reengineering the Corporation by focusing on “process-centered” issues.

In addition, the following books address BPR at the corporate level:

Business Process Management (BPM): The Third Wave
Business Process Mapping: Improving Customer Satisfaction
Workflow Modeling
Business Process Improvement Toolbox
Business Process Improvement Workbook

As reengineering become more pragmatic and technical, the challenged almost always focus on IT and software reengineering. The following books addresses these issues:

The Practical Guide to Business Process Reengineering Using IDEF0
discusses a modeling notation that assists in BPR.
Software Methods for Business Reengineering and
Software Assistance for Business Reengineering
discuss tools and techniques that facilitate BPR.

The following books focus on strategies and practices for software reengineering at a technical level:

Modernizing Legacy Systems
Legacy Systems: Transformation Strategies
Successful Software Reengineering
Reengineering Software

Reengineering Legacy Software Systems
“provides a framework for keeping application systems synchronized with business strategies and technology changes.”
Application (Re)Engineering: Building Web-Based Applications and Dealing with Legacies, provides worthwhile guidance for organizations that want to transform legacy systems into a Web-based environment.
Building Enterprise Information Architectures: Reengineering Information Systems discusses the bridge between BPR and information technology.
Data Reverse Engineering discusses how to reclaim, reorganize, and reuse organizational data.
Software Reengineering is excellent anthology of early papers that focus on software reengineering technologies.
Information Systems Reengineering and Integration describes database conversion techniques, reverse engineering and forward engineering as they are applied for major information systems.
Object Oriented Reengineering Patterns provides a patterns-based view of how to refactor and/or reengineer OO systems.

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