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Software Engineering Resources

Software Process Metrics
Software process and product metrics are quantitative measures that enable software people to gain insight into the efficacy of the software process and the projects that are conducted using the process as a framework. Basic quality and productivity data are collected. These data are then analyzed, compared against past averages, and assessed to determine whether quality and productivity improvements have occurred. Metrics are also used to pinpoint problem areas so that remedies can be developed and the software process can be improved. The following topic categories are presented:

General Metrics Resources

Metrics Tutorials, Articles, and Papers

Metrics Process and Definition

Function Points

Object-Oriented Measurement and Metrics

Web Metrics

Metrics Tools


General Metrics Resources

Software Metrics Resources-I
An extensive hot list with pointers to everything "metrics"

Software Metrics Resources-II
A useful collection of links.

Total Metrics Website
A worthwhile source of news and resources on software metrics.

Metrics Center Resources
Useful resources for SPI and software metrics developed by Distributive Management.

The SEI's SEMA Program
Offers a wide variety of software measurement-related information.

Practical Software Measurement
The U.S. Army has prepared advice, commentary and resources for software metrics work.

Quality Plus Technologies, Inc.
Carol Dekkers and her team host a website with many articles and a useful FAQ.

Software Measurement Guidebook
An older, but still comprehensive guidebook for software metrics collection

Software Metrics A subdivided bibliography
An extensive categorized bibliography with links. Includes links to virtually every category of metrics. Recommended.

Metrics Tutorials, Articles, and Papers

Software Measures and FP Measurement
A variety of articles on software measures and function point measurement.

Metrics Classification
A detailed classification of process, product and resource metrics.

Literate Programming
A collection of downloadable articles of software metrics.

Software Measurement Validation
Brief discussion and useful resources on validation of metrics.

Metrics Bibliography
An extensive, categorized print bibliography. Recommended for researchers.

Software Metrics and Reliability
A NASA paper that addresses how "quality metrics assist in the evaluation of software reliability."

Software Metrics
Downloadable SEI paper that "introduces the most commonly used software metrics and reviews their use in constructing models of the software development process."

Stakeholder Value Metrics
An article that argues that the "most important metrics have everything to do with what your stakeholders are getting out of your project."

pdf: 12 Steps to Useful Software Metrics
"Introduces the reader to a practical process for establishing and tailoring a software metrics program that focuses on goals and information needs."

pdf: Software Engineering Metrics: What Do They Measure and How Do We Know?
The paper continues with a framework for evaluating proposed metrics, and applies it to two uses of bug counts.

Software Measurement Misguided
Question whether measurement theory and software metrics can peacefully co-exist. Commentary.

Metrics-Based Software Management - A Hands-on Approach
A short presentation with a sense of humor.

Metrics Process and Definition

An 8-Step Metrics Program
A step-by step guide for instituting a metrics program.

A Metrics Primer
A useful introduction by Karl Wiegers. See also traps to avoid.

A Software Metrics Plan
Example of an in-depth software metrics plan.

Java Metrics
Definition of a set of software metrics that are appropriate for Java.

From Software Metrics to Software Measurement Methods: A Process Model
This downloadable paper "presents a process model for software measurement methods. The proposed model details the distinct steps from the design of a measurement method, to its application, then to the analysis of its measurement results and last to the exploitation of these results in subsequent models, such as in quality and estimation models."

Function Points

• Resources

The Intl. Function Point User's Group is the source for everything FP.

Function Points Resources—I
An listing of FP-related Web sites.

Function Points Resources—II
Useful links.

Function Point FAQ
Commonly asked questions about FP are asked and answered at this site.

Software Productivity Research
A commercial site that specializes in FP metrics. Useful resources. Requires registration.

• Using FP

Function points
A reasonably comprehensive introduction.

Function Points
A brief introduction to FP.

Function Point Manual
Comprehensive guidelines for counting and using FP including case study.

How to Determine Your Application Size Using Function Point Analysis
Guidelines for computing FPs.

Economics of Function Points
An economic justification for the use of FP.

Software Measurement using FP
An article in Crosstalk by Capers Jones.

Cost Estimation using FP
A useful paper on the subject in word format.

Function Point Calculator
A simple on-line tool for computing function points.

Object-Oriented Measurement and Metrics

OO Metrics Resources
Extensive OOM resources compiler by CETUS links. Recommended.

A Survey of OO Metrics
A useful survey of popular OO metrics is presented in this discussion.

"Applying and Interpreting Object-Oriented Metrics"
A NASA technical report addressing quality metrics for OO systems.

"Automated Metrics and Object-Oriented Development"
A Dr. Dobb's article describes Quality Metrics for Object-Oriented Development (QMOOD++), an automated tool that supports a suite of over 30 object-oriented metrics.

• FP Articles and papers

pdf: FAST Function Points
A powerpoint presentation that outlines counting techniques and how to accelerate the counting process.

What About Function Points and Use Cases?
A reasonably detailed discussion of how to use FP to estimate the number of likely use cases or vis versa.

A simple FP example
Illustrates the FP computation.

Improving the Accuracy of Function Points Counts
A downloadable paper that "highlights some of the common mistakes that novice practitioners make as they learn the ropes of Function Point counting."

Function Points: Their Use in Software Development and Maintenance
An article that "addresses the origination of function points as a metric, describes its counting process, provides an example of a count, ... and indicates the future direction of function point usage."

Evolving Function Points
"This article outlines the findings of a metrics research program conducted during the last several years. The program explored function points' underlying framework, reviewed previous research, and considered changes to the current standard."

Function Points - Who Needs Them?
A useful commentary on how FPs provide useful project insight.

Predicting Maintenance Effort with Function Points
A study of the accuracy of FP measures in the estimation of maintenance effort.

Web Metrics

Web Metrics Testbed
NIST usability metrics and tools.

Web Metrics
Discusses the data to collect and how to analyze it.

How to Interpret Web Metrics
An article by Brian Eisenberg at ClickZ Today.

Web Site Metrics
A collection of brief articles on automated Web site metrics collection.

The Unified Field Theory of Web Metrics
If Web metrics makes your brain hurt, don't worry. We can simplify things for clarity. If we end up oversimplifying things a bit, that's the price you pay. As mathematician John von Neuman observed, "There's no sense in being precise when you don't even know what you're talking about."

Metrics Tools

Metrics Tools - 1
A list of software metric tools.

Metrics Tools - 2
An extensive list of tools compiled by Thomas Fetcke.

Since measurement and software metrics are key to successfully improving the software process, many books on software process improvement (SPI) also discuss metrics. Worthwhile sources of information on process metrics include:

ROI of Software Process Improvement
Statistical Methods for Software Quality
Elements of Software Process Assessment and Improvement
Measuring the Software Process
Measuring the Software Process: A Practical Guide to Functional Measurements
Introduction to the Team Software Process
Metrics and Models in Software Quality Engineering

Practical Software Measurement presents in-depth advice for assessing the software process.
Software Process Improvement: Metrics, Measurement, and Process Modeling is a worthwhile collection of papers.

The following books discuss how software metrics can be used to provide the indicators necessary to improve the software process.

Software Metrics: A Rigorous and Practical Approach
A Discipline for Software Engineering
Practical Software Metrics for Project Management and Process Improvement

Executive Briefing: Controlling Software Development and
A Quantitative Approach to Software Management discuss process metrics and their use from a management point of view.

Software Measurement
provides a useful treatment of measurement and metrics as they should be applied for IT projects.
Best Practices in Software Measurement addresses the use of measurement within the context of ISO and CMMI standards
Software Measurement and Estimation and
Software Metrics: Best Practices for Successful IT Management
discuss the use of software metrics for project management and estimation.
Five Core Metrics: The Intelligence Behind Successful Software Management draws on a database of more the 6,000 software projects to demonstrate how five core metrics-time, effort, size, reliability, and process productivity-can be used to control software projects.

Applied Statistics for Software Managers presents techniques for analyzing software project data.
Software Engineering Measurement discusses a broad array of software engineering measurement issues
Software Assessments, Benchmarks and Best Practices describes both quantitative measurement and qualitative factors that help an organization assess its software process and practices
Quality Software Management, Volume 2: First Order Measurement presents a useful model for observing software projects, ascertaining the meaning of the observation, and determining its significance for tactical and strategic decisions.
The Software Measurement Guidebook provides useful suggestions for instituting an effective metrics approach.
Applying Software Metrics is an excellent anthology of important papers on software metrics.
Goal Driven Software Measurement—A Guidebook is a detailed guidebook that provides step-by-step suggestions for instituting a software metrics program for software process improvement.

Function point measurement has become a widely used technique in many areas of software engineering work. The following books provide insight:

Practical Software Estimation: Function Point Methods for Insourced and Outsourced Projects
provides a comprehensive guide.
Function Point Analysis: Measurement Practices for Successful Software Projects discusses process metrics with an emphasis on function point analysis.

The following books consider the OO process and describe a set of metrics for assessing it:

Object-Oriented Software Metrics
Object-Oriented Development Process and Metrics
Object-Oriented Design Measurement
Object-Oriented Metrics: Measures of Complexity

Relatively little has been published on metrics for web engineering work, however, the following books address Web metrics from a business and marketing perspective:

Web Analytics: An Hour a Day Web Metrics: Proven Methods for Measuring Web Site Success
Measuring the Success of Your Website
Web Site Analysis and Reporting

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