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Software Engineering Resources

Cleanroom Software Engineering
How many times have you heard someone say "Do it right the first time"? That's the overriding philosophy of cleanroom software engineering - a process that emphasizes mathematical verification of correctness before program construction commences and certification of software reliability as part of the testing activity. The bottom line: extremely low failure rates that would be difficult or impossible to achieve using less formal methods. The following topic categories are presented:

Cleanroom Resources

General Information

Methods and Tools


Cleanroom Resources

Cleanroom Software Engineering Resources - 1
An excellent source of information and resources for Cleanroom Software Engineering has been prepared by CleanSoft.

Cleanroom Software Engineering Resources - 2
A useful list of cleanroom resoruces has been prepared by DoD's DACS.

Cleanroom Software Engineering Resources - 3
A small list of resources compiled by the Boston SPIN.

Cleanroom Software Engineering Resources - 4
A small list of Cleanrrom resources.

Cleanroom Software Engineering Resources - 5
Links provided by Quality resources Online.

Clean Room Methodology
Points to many useful resources.

General Information

Cleanroom Overview
A reasonably detailed overview of Cleanroom methods. Recommended for those who need an introduction.

Cleanroom Software Engineering
An introductory article in Dr. Dobbs.

Cleanroom Software Engineering Reference Model
Downloadable and developed by the SEI, this Cleanroom Software Engineering Reference (CRM) "is expressed in terms of a set of 14 Cleanroom processes and 20 work products." Recommended.

A Review of Cleanroom Software Engineering
A reasonably detailed discussion of CSE issues and methods. Downloadable.

Report to the Manager: Cleanroom Software Engineering
A thumbnail management overview in outline form.

Taking the Art out of Software Development: An In-Depth Review of Cleanroom Software Engineering
A student research paper that provides a useful overview.

Cleanroom: A Thumbnail Tutorial
A brief but useful tutorial that introduces basic concepts.

Cleanroom Technology Review
An SEI review of cleanroom technology.

Proof of Correctness Tutorial
A tutorial on "Proof Methods" can be accessed at this site.

Cleanroom Bibliography
A print bibliography with some links to downloadable papers.

Methods and Tools

The Cleanroom software development methodology
Introduction, methods and examples.

Adopting Cleanroom software engineering with a phased approach
A dated but still worthwhile article on technology transntion issues for CSE.

An Industrial Application of Cleanroom Software Engineering - Benefits Through Tailoring
The paper will describe the tailoring approaches used for the insertion of Cleanroom and the pros and cons of the Cleanroom approach as described by practitioners using the technology day to day.

Mapping the Cleanroom Software Engineering Process to the CMM
Understanding how CSE and the SEI CMM can peacefully co-exist.

Integrating Cleanroom Software Methods Into an SEI Level 4-5 Program
"This article outlines results of experiences in introducing cleanroom within an organization with an established process for software development."

Six-sigma software using cleanroom software engineering techniques
Melding six-sigma and CSE.

Tools for Cleanroom Software Engineering
Links to a few simple CSE tools.

Cleanroom Tools
Tools to support Cleanroom SE.


The Cleanroom Approach to Quality Software Development is an early book that covers the process in detail
Cleanroom Software Engineering: Technology and Process provides an in-depth treatment of all important aspects of the cleanroom approach.
Cleanroom Software Engineering: A Reader is an anthology that presnets useful discussions of many cleanroom topics
Cleanroom Software Engineering Practices presents an excellent overview for those who are unfamiliar with cleanroom practices.
Software Technology Support Center (Hill AF Base, April 1995) provides The Cleanroom Pamphlet which contains reprints of a number of important articles.
The Data and Analysis Center for Software (DACS) provides many useful papers, guidebooks and other information sources on cleanroom software engineering.

Cleanroom Software Engineering Reference Model,
SEI Technical Report CMU/SEI-96-TR-022, 1996) defines a set of 14 cleanroom processes and 20 work products that form the basis for the SEI CMM for cleanroom software engineering (CMU/SEI-96-TR-023).

Michael Deck of Cleanroom Software Engineering has prepared a bibliography on cleanroom topics. Many are available in downloadable format.

Design verification via proof of correctness lies at the heart of the cleanroom approach. The following books discuss proof of correctness in considerable detail:

Mathematical Approaches to Software Quality
Toward Zero-Defect Software
Error-Free Software
Zero Defect Software

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