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Software Engineering Resources

Software Engineering Checklists
Every work product that is produced during software engineering should be reviewed by someone. The problem is that "someone" may not know what questions to ask or may simply forget to ask them, even if the proper questions are known. This page contains pointers to a variety of software engineering checklists that can help you ask the right questions at the right time. The result will be higher software quality. The following checklist categories are presented:

Software Engineering Checklists

Web Engineering Checklists

Software Engineering Checklists

Software Engineering Checklists developed by RSP&A

These checklists are part of the Adaptable Process Model and provide a broad array of assessment questions and issues for many software engineering work products

Software Engineering Checklist

A excellent collection of software engineering checklists has been developed by Construx.

Requirement Analysis and Specification Checklist

useful checklists provided by Construx.

Architecture Review Checklist

An indepth checklist that addresses most important aspects of system architecture.

GUI Checklist

A detailed checklist for GUI is presented.

GUI Testing Checklist

Points to cover when testing a user interface.

Software Design Document Checklist

Guidelines for inspecting a software design.

Source Code Review Checklist

One of a number of checklists available for the DO 178 software engineering standard.

Test Project Setup Checklist

"A sample tasklist of actions for preparing a software system test."

User Testing Techniques - A Reader-Friendliness Checklist

Used to assess the reader friendliness of a Web site.

User Documentation Checklist

A checklist to guide the review of user documentation.

Checklist for Managing Offshore Software Development

Considers all important aspects of an offshore, outsourced project. Recommended.

Software Safety Checklist

A basic checklist that can be used by software safety engineers.

Web Engineering Checklists

Web Design Checklist

Focuses on navigation, graphics, and related topics.

Web Usability Checklist

"20 things to check as you evaluate how users and customers will be able to access your web site."

Website Evaluation Checklist

Can be used to assessed the quality of the design you create.

Software Accessibility Checklist

"This Checklist should serve as a tool for evaluating the extent to which software applications are accessible to most people with disabilities."

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