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Adaptable Process Model
Assessing WebApp Quality

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The complete Adaptable Process Model (APM) is provided for informational purposes and for assessment by potential users. The APM is copyrighted material and may not be downloaded, copied, or extracted for use in actual project work. The full hypertext (html) version of the APM may be licensed for use and customization within your organization. Contact R.S. Pressman & Associates, Inc. for complete licensing information.

Assessing Quality of Web Applications (WebApps)

    Regardless of whether you use Web Engineering techniques to build WebApps (we encourage you to do so) or use less disciplined approaches, it is essential to assess the quality of the WebApp that you built. The following checklist provides a fundamental set of questions that will help you determine the quality of a WebApp. For this checklist, the more questions that elicit a negative response, the lower the quality of the WebApp you've built.

    • Have disciplined requirements elicitation techniques been used to understand the basic WebApp requirements?
    • Is the motivation for the WebApp understood?
    • Have profiles of the users of the WebApp been developed?
    • Have informational and applicative goals (SEPA, 5/e, p. 777) been identified for the WebApp?
    • Have all categories of WebApp content been identified? Have specific data objects been defined for content?
    • Have all sources for specific content been identified?
    • Has the interaction mode been established? Is it consistent throughout the WebApp?
    • Is the interaction metaphor (if any) appropriate for the application?
    • Have use-cases been developed for the WebApp?
    • Are all data objects and related actions defined in detail?
    • Has the WebApp environment(s) been delineated in detail (network protocol, operating system(s), API, etc?
    • If the WebApp interacts with other mainframe or network based applications, is the interface to these applications fully defined?
    • If the WebApp interacts with a mainframe or network based database, is the interface to the database fully defined?
    • Has content design been conducted for all categories of content? Is the content presented in a consistent and aesthetic manner?
    • Is the WebApp architectural structure appropriate for the informational and applicative goals of the application?
    • Have hypertext design patterns (SEPA, 5/e, p. 783) been considered in the derivation of the WebApp architecture?
    • Does a consistent design for navigation exist throughout the WebApp?
    • Are appropriate and consistent navigation links identified throughout the WebApp?
    • Do navigation links look "clickable"? Are navigation guides available on very page?
    • Are appropriate visual and audio feedback provided as navigation proceeds?
    • Is color used consistently throughout the WebApp?
    • Is the amount of reading required on any given page kept to a minimum?
    • Has every content page and category undergone copy editing to uncover errors?
    • Have use-cases been applied to uncover navigation errors?
    • Has every link been tested for correctness?
    • Has every internal processing script (e.g., CGI or Java script) been tested for correctness?
    • Has the WebApp been tested in every reasonable environmental configuration?
    • Is a change management procedure in place for the WebApp?
    • Have end-users conducted alpha testing?

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